Collaborative HR: The next evolution in Human Resources.

Let’s face it. Traditional HR is broken. It’s time to fix it.


HR has a problem. Despite having a seat at the executive table and more resources than ever before, HR outcomes aren’t improving. Traditional in-house or outsourced solutions
simply aren't working anymore.

Employee engagement is stagnant

Employee lawsuits continue to rise

Traditional HR Models: Falling short at today's workplaces

"Ostrich" HR

  • The “do nothing” approach and hope nothing bad happens.
  • Opens organizations up to risk.
  • In 2016, more than 91,000 employee harassment lawsuits were filed. Avg cost: $160,000.
  • The potential penalty for a single wage & hour violation under the Fair Labor Standards Act is $10,000.
  • HR is getting more complex every day. Ignoring it isn’t a viable option.

Do-it-yourself HR

  • Includes in-depth organizational knowledge, but HR may be reactive and fragmented.
  • Invested in the organization’s success, yet often seen as a cost center only.
  • Role of HR is transactional; often not aligned with business objectives.
  • In-house expertise typically limited to fewer than 5 HR practice areas per practitoner.
  • May rely on “do-it-all” HR technology solutions that ultimately don’t meet the organization’s needs.

Fully outsourced HR

  • Makes organizations reliant on the outsourced expert.
  • May temporarily replace an internal HR staff but does not truly eliminate the need for one.
  • Focuses on completing specific projects, not lasting organizational improvements.
  • May quickly become cost prohibitive as your organization grows.
  • Not focused on increasing the internal HR team’s capabilities.


The Collaborative HR Model: A fresh, proactive solution

Helps employers quickly and proactively find solutions to their problems.

Empowers internal HR teams, builds their capabilities, and aligns HR with business goals.

Leverages the HR experiences of peer organizations and practitioners around the country.

Connects HR practitioners to a broad range of expertise, technology, and vendors across the HR landscape.

Cost-effectively delivers lasting outcomes for HR practitioners and their organizations.


Better HR Together

Teaming up with a Collaborative HR partner can help significantly drive growth across your organization.

  • Hire and onboard the best talent
  • Develop training and retention programs
  • Build lasting engagement strategies
  • Keep your team up to date on ever evolving HR regulations

The right partner will have the expertise and tools to answer complex HR questions for your team, build your team’s HR capabilities, and craft long-term HR strategies that align with your business objectives.

Not only will that create value for your customers, it can serve as a lasting competitive advantage for you.


A Collaborative HR approach links businesses with the workplace solutions they need to thrive. Together, we can do HR better.