Collaborative HR: The next evolution in Human Resources.

Our unique approach designed for small and midsized businesses.


Collaborative HR brings the best of HR Consulting and HR Technology to in-house HR teams. It helps employers quickly find solutions to their problems, empowers internal HR teams, and delivers lasting workplace outcomes for HR practitioners and their organizations.

Outsourced HR

Makes organizations dependent
Replaces internal HR teams
Project based
Unpredicatable billable hours

Empowers internal resources
Enhances HR team’s capabilities
Partnership based
Transparent pricing

How Collaborative HR creates better outcomes


Example: Employee Engagement

Traditional HR: Fully outsourced
  • Your employees take an employee engagement survey and you receive the results
  • They’re lower than expected but the survey doesn’t include recommendations to boost engagement

  • Your outsourced HR provider will build an engagement program, for an additional charge
  • Once the project is over, you need to implement it on your own, but other priorities get in the way
Outcome: Lowered employee engagement resulting from post-survey inaction
Collaborative HR: A Mammoth partner by your side
  • Before a survey, your HR Advisor ensures you’re prepared to implement any resulting changes by helping ensure executive buy-in
  • Survey questions are created with you, and results are reviewed together
  • Advisor recommends program enhancements and helps implement them
  • Progress is tracked quarterly so you can report back to your executive team
Outcome: Maximum compliance, reduced risk

A Collaborative HR approach links businesses with the workplace solutions they need to thrive. Together, we can do HR better.