Collaborative HR.

A better, more effective way to build successful HR partnerships.


The Collaborative HR approach for partnerships

Collaborative HR is a new category in the HR space. It combines the best of HR Consulting and HR Technology, partnered
with others in the HR ecosystem.

The ultimate goal: improving workplace outcomes for HR practitioners and their organizations.

Technology-enabled HR services...
...alongside cooperative relationships across the HR ecosystem
HR-outcomes.png build companies’ internal HR capabilities and improve their HR outcomes

The difference between traditional HR
and Collaborative HR

Traditional HR

Employers typically take one of two traditional approaches to HR management: in-house or outsourced.

But it’s clear that these approaches aren’t working - the industry continues to be fragmented, with solutions that only solve singular HR pain points.
Do all HR in-house
Fully outsource HR
Collaborative HR...

The key to effective HR outcomes is to collaborate with HR teams - not replace them or only take on project-based work.

More than ever before, HR leaders are seeking a more collaborative relationship with outside vendors to serve as a critical extension of their teams, bolster their expertise, share ideas and best practices, and ultimately enhance their in-house capabilities.
...relies on the right partners

They’re also looking for the right HR partner — someone they trust to provide the HR services they need to protect and grow their organizations. That could be their payroll provider, insurance broker, PEO, software provider, or other existing relationship.

See how
Collaborative HR
can help your
Whether you’re a Payroll Provider, Insurance Broker, PEO, HR Consultant, or HR Software Provider, or are simply inerested in offering our services to your clients, we’re committed to taking a collaborative approach with you to help companies build great workplaces.

Together, we can do HR better.