Finally, an HR solution both HR professionals and the C-Suite will love.

Compliance, handbooks, hiring, engagement, and results.

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A better kind of HR for small and medium-sized businesses.
We call it Collaborative HR.

It's a partnership-based approach that combines the strength of your in-house HR team with our subject matter experts.
The result: better, more efficient HR outcomes for your organization - and your HR team will be set up for long-term success.
A proactive partner to move your organization forward

HR plays a critical role within organizations. You deserve an HR partner who’s invested in your success.

Too often, HR is about putting out fires and reacting to issues. We help organizations recognize HR warning signs, tackle their HR priorities, and build great workplaces.

HR designed for small and midsized businesses

Every organization no matter its size deserves Fortune 500-level HR expertise. We work with over 80,000 small businesses because we know the specific challenges, rules, and regulations that you're dealing with. And we know the best strategies for managing them.

Rapid responses
to your HR questions

You bank online, pay your bills online, book travel online. You should get the same level of convenience from your HR provider. Sometimes HR can’t wait. That’s why we built the Mammoth Support Center, backed by our team of trusted HR Advisors.

Reduce risk and get
peace of mind

Did you know that the average cost of an employee lawsuit is $160,000? With ever-evolving rules and regulations, it can be difficult for internal HR teams to stay on top of them all. Our Mammoth Support Center and certified HR Advisors can help you with HR compliance and best practices across all 50 states.

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