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Strengthen and empower your people

Companies on average spend more than $10,200 per full-time employee on HR-related functions. We’ll help make sure your HR efforts are aimed at the right activities - like hiring and retaining top talent, driving better employee productivity and engagement, and building a compliant workplace.


Drive growth

When done well, HR can be a powerful business driver. We’ll work with you to improve your HR efficiencies so you can grow with confidence.


Increase HR team capabilities

HR rules and regulations are changing faster than ever, making it hard for small and medium sized companies to stay up-to-date. Our team of HR Advisors will help protect your organization and build the expertise of your in-house HR team.


Be an employer of choice

Winning workplace awards is about more than being on a list. It helps you attract better talent, increases brand awareness, and helps you build a strong culture. We can help you get there.


Feel like you’re on an HR island? We can help.

A dedicated HR partner by your side

HR can be overwhelming when you go it alone. With Mammoth, you don’t have to. Work with a dedicated HR Advisor who understands your business and your unique HR challenges.


Focus on the most important things

Need a new handbook, a set of new job descriptions, compliance help? We’ve got you covered.


Get HR answers you can trust

Stop searching online for answers to your HR questions. Our certified HR Advisors have an average of 16+ years of experience. If you have an HR question, they’ll have the answer.


Build your HR expertise

Need help interpreting the latest HR law or guideline, or are you just looking to grow your HR knowledge? We’ll help you build your skills so you can take your organization and your career to the next level.

Time saving tools

HR Support Center

Your secure, online suite of HR tools, documents, forms, and templates, so you can get HR answers and resources whenever you need them.

Custom Handbooks

Custom and compliant handbooks you can build on your own or with your HR Advisor. Plus we’ll notify you of any policy updates so your handbook is always current.

HR Gap Analysis

Quickly identify which HR areas to prioritize and how to address them.

Rapid Response Helpline

Securely send your HR questions online and we’ll get back to you. Fast.

HR Helpdesk Ticket Tracker

See the history of HR questions you’ve submitted to our Advisors, along with their responses.


Custom Job Descriptions

Job descriptions tailored to your organization designed to attract the top talent.

Law Alerts

Up-to-the-minute notifications for federal and state regulatory changes, delivered right to your email inbox.

Law Library

Easy to understand descriptions of federal, state, and select local laws and regulations, audited and updated regularly.


Helpful information on HR topics ranging from Benefits to Workers’ Compensation, and everything in between.

Quarterly Business Reports

Regular updates on HR milestones you’ve achieved, as well as your upcoming HR priorities and goals.


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