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How HR can affect your bottom line: Hiring

Average cost to hire a new employee


Average turnover rate for organizations


Employees who look for a job within first 6 months of hire



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How HR can affect your bottom line: Compliance

Average cost of a regulatory noncompliance fine


Number of SMBs that are fined each year for noncompliance

1 in 10

Hours per week HR spends looking for compliance answers



What is it costing you to have your team search for HR answers?

Hiring expertise aimed at reducing turnover


It takes on average 36 days to hire a new employee. We'll help significantly reduce your time-to-hire by building best-in-class job descriptions, job posting, and advisr on where to find top talent.


Finding the right candidates is only part of the equation. We'll help prep your interview team with customized questions and even pre-screen candidates to save you time.



69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding. We'll equip you with state and federal new hire documents, a customized offer letter template, abackground check information, and onboarding best practices to help you effectively acclimate your newest employees.

Be an employer of choice

Winning workplace awards is about more than being on a list. It helps you attract better talent, increases brand awareness, and helps you build a strong culture. We can help you get there.

Cost-saving compliance solutions

HR Audit and Gap Analysis

We'll perform a thorough of audit of your current HR practices to discover which compliance areas are at most risk. Then we'll work with your team to build an action plan aimed at ensuring your organization is protected.


Custom handbook

An employee handbook can cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to build. We'll tailor one to your organization in a fraction of the time -- as part of your Mammoth package.


Termination compliance

Employee terminations are difficult and delicate situations. We’ll advise on whether the termination is the right course of action, what state unemployment requirements exist, and provide workfroce reduction best practices.


HR team productivity

The average annual salary for an HR manager is over $100,000. We'll help increase the expertise and effectiveness of your existing HR team so you can hold off expensive hiring.


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