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We’re committed to helping organizations that are building and strengthening their communities.


Benefits for nonprofits

First month free membership

You’re helping others. We want to help you. Through our nonprofit sponsorship program, we pick up the tab for the first month your Mammoth membership. Apply now to see if your organization is eligible.
Volunteer / Employee
HR needs

Chances are your team includes some talented volunteers, but that may come with some unique HR hurdles. We'll help you classify all of your team members correctly and address the unique HR needs of volunteers and employees alike.
Talent attraction and

Great employees can be hard to find, and that’s especially true for nonprofits. We’ll help you attract, hire, and keep top talent who share your organization’s mission.
Federal and state

Depending on the size of your organization, there may be many federal rules and regulations you need to be aware of, along with those from your state. Our HR advisors understand the federal and state requirements that apply to organizations of all sizes, so we've got you covered.
“Mammoth’s handbook service was so easy to use that I was able to create my handbook in under an hour, all with my lively 4-year-old in the office!”

— Allison Adcox,
Nonprofit Association
of Oregon

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